Valley Heights Locomotive Depot Heritage Museum


Fathers Day 2015
Rail tractor X206

X206 rail tractor

The recent arrival in the Roundhouse of diesel tractor X206 is a great boost to the operating facilities at the Museum.

Not only will its pulling power be a boon around the yard,
but it will enable visitors to enjoy rides on days of Total Fire Bans or high risk.

(Sports fans who follow a team in blue and white will be disappointed as the loco will be soon repainted in a reddish brown hue!
Purist rail fans can take heart, X206 will reappear in Indian red in due course!)

Cement wagon
Also back on the rails, after a long sojourn as a static exhibit at Greystanes, a 4-wheel cement hopper is now in place at the Museum awaiting restoration.

This wagon was converted to a coal carrier and worked as such for many years. Once emptied of its small load of second hand coal, the exhibit will be returned to its former condition including a rebuild of the long gone cover.

Crane unloading new exhibits

Both units arrived by low loader and were moved onto the rails by an giant EIGHTY TONNE crane!