Valley Heights Steam Tramway


S truck 4360


S4360 at Valley Heights 14 May 2005The original S type open wagons were built between 1907 and 1921 but during the 1940's a replacement programme was instituted with the ordering of 10 000 standard underframes and components from Commonwealth Engineering with the bodies from Clyde Workshops. They were delivered 1945-1958 and were allocated various numbers.

S 4360 at Valley Heights
This photo of S 4360 at Valley Heights museum 14 May 2005

The wagons have a steel underframe with a steel and wood composite body and a wooden floor. The sides are 915 mm high and there is a 2.13 metre downward folding door each side.

    Length:   5.49 m
  Width: 2.92 m
  Height: 2.13 m
  Tare: 8 t
  Capacity:   16 t
  Wheelbase:   3.05 m
  S number in service:   1607

Text from Railway freight wagons in New South Wales 1982, © John Beckhaus. Australian Railway Historical Society NSW Division, 1982. Used by permission.

S 4360 was built in 1921.


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