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This optional service will be provided at a discounted rate, with all listings being combined on the one invoice.

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I am providing a link from my web site to Info Blue Mountains. I understand I will receive a bonus 6 months listing in return, provided the link is set up within 3 months.


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I understand I will be invoiced for:
  • $90 for links from Info Blue Mountains (for one year). Bonus 6 months listing added if a reciprocal link to Info Blue Mountains is set up on my web site within 3 months.
    (Renewal fee, after 12 or 18 months, will be $90, or $60 if you have a reciprocal link. These prices may rise.)

  • I understand that Info Blue Mountains reserves the right to refuse, or discontinue, links to sites which we consider offensive or otherwise unsuitable for our broad family audiences. This includes sites which have links to offensive or otherwise unsuitable sites.


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