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Why Choose Info Blue Mountains?
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The Green Pages Promoting environmentally friendly products.
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Why Choose Info Blue Mountains?

Links to Existing Sites

As the owner / operator of a web site, you may be eligable to have a hyperlink established from the Info Blue Mountains to your site. We offer a wide and increasing range of site categories, and are open to suggestions for new categories.

Info may already contain a "Complimentory Link" to your site; if so, you should read the information on Complimentory Links on our Links Information Page.

Sites which would be regarded as unsuitable include those deemed to have no relevence to Info Blue Mountains, and those which we consider offensive or otherwise unsuitable.

For more information on links, see our Links Information Page.

Getting a Website built

We can design, construct and maintain a website for your business.

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Design Points

Except for some special interest pages, Info Blue Mountains is designed to:-

It is regularly tested with a 14,400 bps modem to ensure that owners of older equipment get reasonable response times.

The Green Pages

A new area, named "Info Blue Mountains Green Pages", has been set up to promote products which have been designed with regard to protecting the environment. It will also serve to educate consumers about how to choose such products.

The Blue Mountains are an ideal platform from which to promote environmentally friendly products. Consider these points:

What Kinds of Products?

Products should also show quality of construction and value for money. So-called "snake-oil" products are not welcome!

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