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Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia
La Australia del Espiritu Santo  --  South Land of the Holy Spirit 

Australian History - Blue Mountains

Antiques & Old Wares
Furniture, toys, jewellery, tools.....
Making the Way
Explorers & engineers: road, track & railway builders.
Buildings & Structures
Historic buildings, bridges and other structures in the Blue Mountains.
Social & Cultural
Education, health, lifestyles & more.
Tourism, art, mining, agriculture & more.
Nostalgia. Come & see how we used to live in the Blue Mountains.

A World Heritage listing was bestowed on the national parks of this region in December 2000.


Springwood Historical Society
Promoting, researching and documenting history
in the lower Blue Mountains
Springwood School of Arts
Blue Mountains Historical Society Blue Mountains Historical Society 
Promoting community interest in history, particularly Blue Mountains history.
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Katoomba Railway Station and surrounds, Blue Mountains Australia.


Katoomba Railway Station and surrounds. Date appears to be 1906. Note the Railway Hotel, and the large establishment which is the Coffee Palace. The council chambers now occupies the Coffee Palace site. The cable is probably for telegraph. Can anyone supply more information? E-mail us.
Courtesy Blue Mountains City Library - Local Studies Collection

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Blue Mountains, Greater Western Sydney, NSW, Australia

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