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3 Sisters, Blue Mountains, Australia.
Blue Mountains to Bridgetown
The Life & Journeys of Barrallier
1773 -- 1853
Andy Macqueen


Everyone has heard of Blaxland, Wentworth & Lawson's crossing of the Blue Mountains. But few know that a French exile named Barrallier reached a point further westward, eleven years before the famous three.

Barrallier's achievements in other areas -- such as the Hunter River & overseas -- have remained unrecognised.

What was a Frenchman doing in the British Army, and how did he come to be exploring in New South Wales? Why did his friend Governor King appoint him as an ambassador to the king of the mountains? And why was the capable young explorer, surveyor & engineer suddenly obliged to leave the colony?

This is an account of Barrallier's fascinating life & journeys. Much new information is brought to light, & several intriguing myths exploded.

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Left:  Map of Barralliers excursions from Nattai. Half size.

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The Author

Andy Macqueen has been an enthusiastic bushwalker & wilderness explorer since he first ventured into 'Barrallier country' in 1965. A former water resources engineer, practising in remote areas throughout Australia, he now teaches school students in wilderness education, & writes & researches in history & the environment.

He lives in the Blue Mountains with his family, & is active in the Springwood Bushwalking Club & the Scout movement..


Blue Mountains to Bridgetown
The Life & Journeys of Barrallier

Andy Macqueen
Published by Andy Macqueen,
39 Bee Farm Rd,
Springwood, NSW 2777, Australia.
153 pages, B&W photos, maps.



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