Blue Mountains Commuters and Transport Users Association

Meeting reports

July 2006 meetings

  • Valley Heights 26 July 2006 (including Annual General Meeting)
  • Katoomba 29 July 2006

Election results

  • President: Ed McKenzie
  • Vice Presidents: Ian Heather, John Apthorp
  • Secretary: Paul Trevaskis
  • Treasurer: John Webb

Annual Subscription

$10.00 Pensioner Couples $10.00 now due.

Other issues discussed

Address by RailCorp Representative

  • Station reform proposal rejected by employees
  • Object of review is to enable RailCorp Management to call on various station staff to deal with problems as they arise and transfer staff to the emergency focal points
  • Info to the public will be via Long Line Public Address, and commuters ring to Katoomba or Springwood

Peak Hour Services Review

BMCTUA agreed to carry out a program to establish:

  • The number standing on the following trains.
    • 4.23 pm weekday train from Sydney to Mt Victoria
    • 5.24 pm weekday The Fish.
    • 6.10 pm and 6.39 pm weekday services to Lithgow and Mt Victoria
  • The estimated trains that are have over 120% in the cars
  • The numbers that are leaving Penrith from Intercity Services
  • What other trains have lack of seating (pm peak and shoulder peak early morning services)
  • Establish what increase in numbers that are using the services due to petrol price increases and projections if possible
  • Ensure that Parramatta and Penrith Stops provide capacity for Blue Mountains Customers
  • Establish why the "U" stops are not policed on Blue Mountains Services
  • Survey the community about the identified major issues of concern and monitor for at least three weeks
  • Press for all 8 car services be reduced to 6 cars (acknowledged that there is a shortage of cars)
  • Agreed that we will accept the extension of suburban services from Penrith (similar to the current Tangaras to Springwood). The Association will not accept transfer of any InterCity cars to other Lines since other cars cannot go beyond Springwood
  • The likelihood of more Intercity Cars being available is extremely remote as the South Coast and Central Coast Commuters are extremely reluctant to lose any cars at the stage (The acceptance of the OSCAR's is not known at this stage as these Associations have stipulated that on long trips the InterCity Cars are preferred to Kiama/Dapto, Wyong/ Newcastle services. This is similar to services to Katoomba / Lithgow. 

Day Tripper and Three Day Pass.

Members agreed that the Association seek that the Day Tripper ticket that currently operates from Emu Plains east, be extended to Mt .Victoria and also we seek an introduction of a three day pass to the Mountains Area.

Refurbishment of V sets

Members were supportive of the refurbishment of the V sets that was a positive approach by RailCorp as the cars have to last till 2014. The points raised were:

  • Retention of 2 x 2 seating and that the vinyl fabric be retained.
  • That the public address system be reliable and clarity of speech to be improved.

Four Tracks Penrith—St Marys& turn Back at Emu Plains

The Association will seek extension of Four Tracks from St Marys to Penrith either through State or Federal Funds. The Federal Government has supported the Great Western Highway Widening program to the tune of $100 million.

Debate on Terrorism

Members agreed that RailCorp should address the egress of passengers from the carriages in the event of a collision or other threats.

Personnel Safety Car & Theft

There have been incidents of theft has occurred when Commuters are having a sleep on the journey to work. There have been a number of cars stolen and or damaged at Glenbrook Commuter Car Park. We have advised RailCorp.

Lack of Late Night and Early Morning Services

Queensland Rail had a promotion to improve the passenger use of late night services while Railcorp has cancelled these services. Secretary to investigate this with the view of restoring the services .

U Stops.

Members continued complaints about the U (pick up passengers only) stop at Penrith not being enforced on the 16:23 weekday service from Sydney to Mt Victoria. Association is lobbying RailCorp for more cars, or eliminate the Penrith stop.