Blue Mountains Commuters and Transport Users Association

Meeting Reports

November 2007 meetings

  • Wed 14 Nov 2007 CityRail Office, Green Pde, Valley Heights 8pm-10pm
  • Sat 17 Nov 2007 Katoomba Neighbourhood Centre, 8 Station St, Katoomba 1pm-3pm

Timetable Changes

The Members agreed to the following timetable changes in addition to report tabled by Secretary.

  • The 5.09 and 5.24 P.M Services terminate at Lithgow The 5.09 P.M service include Medlow Bath and Blackheath.
  • Remove the decanting facilities at Mt.Victoria from the present location i.e beside the Down Line at Mt Victoria Station to new locations Inside the Refuge Sidings at Mt Vic and a suitable location at Lithgow.
  • The On Time Running Service Target be 3 minutes. It was noted on page 20 IPART City Rail Fares 11 th November There was a change in standards from 3 min 59 secs to a scheduled time at 5 minutes. IPART indicated that I quote "The change in definition resulted in approximately 5 percentage points improvement in on-time running"
  • The members reaffirmed that CityRail should introduce an Interconnections Policy as this was sadly neglected. Interconnection at Penrith illustrates this. Service Interconnection Target should be 6 minutes where across the platform service is available. ( I am suggesting a 15 minute standard for other interconnections )

Publicity — Communication-Improvement for the Association

  • Bus Card, Pamphlet, Publicity in Media.
  • Networking with other Groups.

The Association Members appreciates the offer from Dr Sonia Cattley to design a pamphlet for use in publicity of the Association

Mountains Bus Services

The Members agreed to request interconnecting bus service between the 1.03 P.M Central to Katoomba and a bus service to Mt Vic ( It is noted that there is a bus service from Katoomba at 3.20 P.M.).

A request to the Blue Mountains Bus Service to give early publicity for any service that will be provided from the Hawkesbury Heights , Yellow Rock Area to Penrith.

A request that the Drivers of low floor buses be requested to activate the low floor mechanism.

Please see comment below.

Discussion on Fares

After discussion on various fares in relation to the announcement of the problem with T card.

The following decisions by the Members were as follows.

  • There should be no requirement for the holders of the following tickets to Tag On and Tag Off. Periodical Tickets e.g. Yearly and Monthly, Pensioner Tickets
  • That a Zonal Fare Ticketing System be introduced. The Tickets to include Bus Rail Ferry.
  • That a Travel Ten Ticket T card Ticket to apply to Bus Rail and Ferry (Includes Private)
  • A Three Day Pass apply to Area bounded by Penrith to Lithgow Area for tourism.
  • The Association requests "Break of Journey" be applicable to Periodical Tickets.
  • Day Tripper ticket and City Hopper are also tickets that should be available on the Mountains.
  • The Members requested that as the T card reduces the cost of managing cash transactions the cost of the card be absorbed within the overall cost of ticking.

Freight Services

The Association discussed freight services on the Mountains and disruption to passenger's services.

  • Secretary to ascertain the number of freight services on the Mountains.
  • Inform RailCorp of our concerns about freight services effecting the on time running of passenger services.

Financial Report

  Item Amount
Cash at Credit Union Brought forward (Sept statement)
  Banked (Subscriptions)
Less Incorporation Office of Fair Trading
Secretary Expenses Postage
  Email & Phone

The Secretary informed the members that there is a requirement for a change in the signatures for the credit Union account i.e the present signature of Noel Ackland be replaced with Ed McKenzie

The members authorised to operate the account Ed McKenzie President, Treasurer John Webb and Secretary Paul Trevaskis.

The following motion was agreed to that action by the Executive to alter the account as above be agreed to Moved by Paul Trevaskis Second Graham Smith carried.

General Business

  • The TVM Machine not accepting $10.00 notes
  • Smoking in vestibules and toilets on 5.24 P.M. Service.
  • Offensive behaviour on trains language appears a problem
  • Executive to pass to the Boston Consultancy Group the Association's policy on ticketing, timetabling issues. and other comets as appropriate
  • Executive to develop a submission to IPART in relation to the Review of CityRail Regulatory Frame work. It has been observed in the IPART Fare Report that IPART has engaged BOOZ Allan and Hamilton to update the 1996 fare elasticities Executive will inquire.
  • My comment in regards to Low Floor Buses the Secretary will seek the provision of a gutter at Bullaburra to allow improved use by low floor buses.
  • Meeting agreed with the timetable of meetings for next year.


Paul Trevaskis Hon.Sect