Blue Mountains Commuters and Transport Users Association

Meeting Reports

September 2008 meetings

  • Wed 17 Sep 2008 CityRail Office, Green Pde, Valley Heights 8pm-10pm
  • Sat 20 Nov 2008 Katoomba Neighbourhood Centre, 8 Station St, Katoomba 1pm-3pm

The Annual General Meeting will be held at Valley Heights meeting as arranged and we will be calling for nominations for the positions of President, Secretary, Vice Presidents (2) Treasurer and Returning Officer.  If there is no applicants for Treasurer we intend to combine  Secretary and Treasurer  Nominations will close at  8.00 P.M on Wednesday 17th Sept.

I wish to indicate the present Executive intends to stand for the next twelve months Ed McKenzie President and myself Secretary wish to advise the members we feel we should stand down next year.

Annual General Meeting.


  • Annual reports from the Executive
  • Financial Report
  • Election of Officers
  • General Business.

Ordinary Meeting

Agenda Discussion of the major Issues these are as follows.

  • Timetables
  • Refurbishment of V Sets.
  • Ticketing 
  • Metro Systems  Sydney-Parramatta 
  • Restructure of  City Rail RailCorp
  • Commuter Car Parking.
  • Federal  and State Inquires and Reviews

I am suggesting we look at the future direction of the Association Surveys or Seminar etc.

The meetings are important meetings will you please attend Annual Subscription $10.00 due.

Nomination form 

      I wish to nominate________________________________
      for the position of ________________________________
      Mover ___________________Seconded by____________
      I accept this nomination ____________________________

Note place nomination form in envelope for opening at AGM thru secretary

Paul Trevaskis  22 Mount Street Glenbrook 2773   Ph  47391052


Paul Trevaskis Hon.Sect