Blue Mountains Commuters and Transport Users Association

Meeting Reports

Minutes of General Meeting on 19th May at Springwood 

Meeting opened Ed McKenzie 8.10 P.M.

Apologies: John Webb, Ted Mullett, The Hon Phil Koperberg, Dwayne Purcell CityRail 


  • Letter to Kevin Parish Chair Commuter Council re Intercity Cars V sets
    No reply as 19th General Discussion on what action to be taken
    • Hold meeting with Area Business Manager & Phil Koperberg.
    • Another meeting with K Parish
    • Request a combined meeting with a senior manager of RailCorp and request details on what RailCorp is considering. Discuss at Katoomba
  • Letter sent to Premier requesting information on the Western Sydney Fast Services tabled ( Further info on 12 car sets effect on platform sizes ect is required)
  • Letter sent to K Parish on Track Paths available on system (Waiting )

Timetable Issues

The members discussed the following.

  • As there were not sufficient track paths available between Redfern and Strathfield to reduce overcrowding on the Western Line a Supplementary services to Olympic Park , Granville ( Turn back) or Cumberland Line be introduced
  • Termination of these services could be in Lower Mountains ( Repeater required in Lower Mountains )
  • Survey on Mountains required BMCC or BMC&TUA?

Timetable Dwell Times — Fast Services

Comparison with earlier timetables and the present timetable to be actioned plus taking in the dwell times at Emu Plains, Penrith Blacktown, Parramatta and Sydney Yard etc.

The clash between Suburban and Intercity at St Marys because of the close operating times the 6.10 P.M can be held up but arrive on time at Penrith.

By-Election Penrith Electorate

Action by Secretary to contact Candidates on the Operating Hours Glenbrook Station Commuter Car Parking and Rail Services Overcrowding etc.

State Plan

Loading Gauge on Mountains has advantages as it has had some influence on use of wider rolling stock on the Upper Mountains, however replacement rolling stock has to be considered. OSCARs with 2 x 2 seating, air conditioning other factors as listed in earlier correspondence present stock to be made Easy Accessibility.

Rail Monitoring Security Centre.

The Association is not happy with the move of the Security Monitoring Centre from Katoomba to a centralised system. Letter in Gazette 19th May 2010-05-21

Taxi Boundaries

  • The Association is still looking at cost of taxis between boundaries return fare is an imposition e.g $37.00 Glenbrook - Penrith

Assocaition meetings

  • Question on cost of meeting at Springwood Sports Centre $50.00 alternate Meeting room venue to be researched.
  • AGM to be held at Springwood or Katoomba

My Zone

  • My Zone discussion no ticketing selling agents in Springwood area ATM not operating 24th April.
  • Validation of tickets on buses by date stamping on trains through gates.
  • See letter in Gazette.

Station operations

List of Operating hours of the Stations on the Mountains to be listed on website.

Future of association

The Question: Should the Association continue General discussion on:

  • Ways to recruit: membership,
  • Use of internet ,
  • blogs etc etc
  • this to be discussed at Katoomba

Financial Consolidation: Secretary tabled a consolidation of accounts from July 31st till present.

Moved Ed McKenzie — Seconded Bob Turtle the amount of $90.98 being Expenses of the Secretary be paid Carried


Secretary Paul Trevaskis