Blue Mountains Commuters and Transport Users Association

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Hi Folks

We have arranged meetings this month at the following dates and venues , the AGM is to be held on 16th October. As we many members were not able to come the other meeting is on 20th October at Springwood, I hope many can attend the AGM as all positions i.e President, Secretary, two Vice Presidents, Treasurer, and other positions that will assist the Executive Media Officer, Membership if not combined with Treasurer .

The meetings will be

Saturday 16th October 2010
Time        1.00 – 3.00 P.M.
Katoomba Neighbourhood Centre
8 Station Street Katoomba
AGM followed by Ordinary Meeting Please attend. 

Ordinary meeting

Wednesday 20th October 2010
Time 8.00 - 10.00 P.M.
Springwood Sports Club
Macquarie Road Springwood

The Association has lost a number of friends for various reasons, Pat Mungovan & Bob Turtle (passed away), Gabrielle Blackstock (Sickness), John Apthorp & Mary Berry (resigned) and recently Daniel Lucey (passed away), B Sinclair (Retired), Ishita Wildweed (Moved) [4 from Lower Mtns, 4 from Upper Mountains]. We remember the members for their support and contribution 

The loss of membership is a concern. As we lose their friendship, support, experience I ask the membership to come to the AGM so we can address all of the issues before us plus what activity we can take to increase the membership to ensure the continuation of the Association. At present we have:

  • Timetables issues.
  • Future of the V sets, OSCARs, etc.
  • CCTV and Fire Incidents
  • State Plan Western Express ( this Plan has generated more questions than answers)
  • Western Line Capacity Issues.
  • Staffing on station.
  • Freight on Rail. (NSW State Government to produce their policy)
  • Taxi and Bus issues
  • Fast Services
  • Staffing on Stations 

Michael Paag and I have meet with Phil Koperberg, with a view to meet the Minister of Transport, and recently met with Stuart Ayres (state MP for Penrith) in connection with issues concerning the Western Line (This meeting was with Susan Day of Penrith Action Group)

Well Friends these are challenges the Association has to meet:

  • Membership,
  • the issues before us,
  • the State Election in March:
  • the last year has seen reduction in staff on Mountain Stations,
  • no movement in the timetable, and
  • lack of response on various issues.

Do we lie down or say enough is enough?

The loss of membership means loss of income, I keep the expenditure as low as possible. Remember that membership subscription is due for the next twelve months: being $10.00 per annum. I would appreciate it as we have on going expenditure etc.


Yours faithfully

Paul Trevaskis Hon. Sect