Blue Mountains Commuters and Transport Users Association

Next Meetings



8pm to 10pm, Tuesday 30 August 2011
Springwood Red Cross Hall
Macquarie Road, Springwood 


1pm to 3pm, Saturday 3 September 2011
Katoomba Neighbourhood Centre
Station Street, Katoomba 


  1. Outcome of 2011 AGM, introduction of new executive and discussion on membership drive 
  2. Update on meetings with
    • Roza Sage MP
    • NSW Commuter Council
    • Lachlan Valley Regional Transport Forum
    • Others
  3. Issues moving forward
    • V sets – replacement and or refurbishment
    • 2011 Timetable review (due out 23 October 2011) and impact on station staffing
    • 2012 Timetable review
      • Express commuter service
      • Extra early morning and late evening services
      • Increased capacity on afternoon services from Sydney
    • Station staffing and lift access
    • Infrastructure investment
  4. Transport for NSW – restructure of NSW transport agencies
  5. General business