Blue Mountains Commuters and Transport Users Association


More seats soon for train commuters

Penrith Press 30 January 2007

The 4.23pm Central to Mt Victoria CityRail service would soon be increased from four to six carriages to alleviate crowding on the Blue Mountains Line, Transport Minister John Watkins said.

This will provide an extra 180 seats for evening commuters.

Mr Watkins admitted there had been "some crowding" on high demand services but this had eased with the start of the new CityRail timetable in September 2005.

Blue Mountains and Transport Users Association secretary Paul Trevaskis said crowding was a problem more so since the 4.23pm service began stopping at Penrith.

"The association is very pleased the service has been increased to six cars," he said. "This particular service has been a problem for some time since the timetable change."

Last year saw an increase of 136.000 people using the train network each week, according to the CityRail figures.

Up to 900 extra seats will soon be available on two new peak expresses on the Western Line through to North Sydney.

Extra seats will also be added on the Western Line to coincide with the opening of the Epping and Chatswood Line.