Blue Mountains Commuters and Transport Users Association


BMCTUA Media Release -- Beat the fare increase

3 October 2007

The Association advises that there is a likely an increase in rail fares to be announced shortly.

If you order a yearly ticket before any announcement is made you should save $100.00 on your yearly ticket.

The association advise that you switch  from weeklies to season ticket you get 11 or 12 weeks free. City Rail has requested  increase of 20 to 40 cents  for suburban trips and up to $1 for inter-urban trips.

So if you are a frequent traveller please consider a season ticket. 

The Association is not impressed as the CityRail  should be marketing the system in order to gain more customers also there are different tickets such as Travel Passes, Day Tripper that are not available from the Mountains  Yes we will lobby for these ticketing products.

The Association will be lobbying for Tax Rebate for Commuters travelling to work as per Fringe Benefit Tax reduction for use of car. Also we feel that Commuters travelling to work should have Carbon Credits on the number of trips taken on public transport. The Federal Candidates for the seat of Macquarie will be lobbied for support on these  issues.

Paul Trevaskis, Secretary