Blue Mountains Commuters and Transport Users Association


Current Timetable Issues

13 July 2008

  • The withdrawal of the dwell times introduced on Blue Mountains Services
  • The introduction of the Penrith and Emu Plains stops on the 5.23 P.M. and 5.39 P.M. Central to Blue Mountains services has introduced overcrowding and lengthened journey times to longer distance commuters. The Association seeks support for the 5.23 P.M (The Fish) to be first stop Glenbrook. The morning Fish service should be last stop Glenbrook, then Parramatta, then Central.
  • The Off Peak running times of services should reflect off peak patronage.
  • Request for the 4.36 A.M Lithgow to Central service to stop at Kingswood to improve the service for hospital employees at both Hospitals — Private and Public.
  • Rectify the break in services between Katoomba and Mt Vic in the period between 2.04 and 4.21 P.M. for Blackheath Medlow Bath and Mt.Vic communities.
  • The 4.23 P.M. Central to Mt Vic Service to stop at Linden.
  • The provision for a Saturday Service commencing at Katoomba at 9.30 P.M. to cater for tourists and the local community to attend functions and restaurant services in Katoomba.
  • The reintroduction of the 1.32 A.M. Central to Springwood and the return service 3.45 A.M Springwood to Central to cater for early departure of the air services and late arrivals of air lines , shift workers both times and the community access to services to Newcastle and other destinations.
  • The Association seeks more services to be terminated at Emu Plains to overcome the delays caused by the congestion of movements at Penrith Yard.
  • The Association will consider some suburban services terminating at Glenbrook to allow adjustment of the longer distant InterCity Services operational times.
  • The Association request we revisit the provision of a Shuttle between Katoomba and Penrith on a trial basis in the off peak to address the long break between services and now the opportunity to address the parking problems in Penrith and assist in the global warming, peak oil, etc.
  • The Association suggests that to assist in the overcrowding at Town Hall, that may be affected by the introduction of the Epping – Chatswood Line, the number of City Circle services should be increased. The timetable in P.M. peak appears to have spare capacity for a City Circle Services Redfern Refuge the Quay and return..

Future Growth of the Western Line.

The Association for a long period has recognised the system has reached capacity confirmed by RailCorp between Granville and Central.

I am suggesting we keep the present paths in the current timetabled service, but the stopping patterns may alter with the patronage increases be catered for services to Penrith, Parramatta and Granville.

The Overcrowding experienced is the same as it was in the 1980s.

The Association does not agree with “U” stops as they have been unenforceable; also they are a short term fix to redress inadequate planning


If you have any comments etc, please contact the secretary:

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Paul Trevaskis, Secretary