Blue Mountains Commuters and Transport Users Association

Submission to NSW State Plan

Blue Mountains Commuter & Transport Users Assoc. Inc.

Date: 16th June 2010

Note Interim Report on State Plan

Subject Western Express.

The announcement in the State Plan publication in Metropolitan Strategy Review I quote page 13 Western Express City Rail Services. Quote.

This paper mentions new Express services to Blue Mountains

A separate dedicated rail track to reduce travelling times from Western Sydney to the city with a goal up to 50 percent more services and 17 percent more passengers daily on the network. Key elements of this service includes construction of a City Relief Line and new express services to Western Sydney and Blue Mountains

The Western Express Concept page 30

I note this document states New Express services to Richmond Penrith Blacktown & Penrith.

The Western Express Project will see the Main West tracks which currently terminate at Central extended via new track from Eveleigh into new underground platforms at Redfern- Railway Square ( near Central) City West near (Town Hall) and Wynyard.

This raises the following question:

  • Is there a separate dedicated track to be built from Penrith to Eveleigh then via the Relief Line to Wynyard? Or the following -
  • A timetable revision that uses the present tracks from Penrith to Eveleigh then Wynyard?
  • The Plan mentions new express services to the Blue Mountains the question is. Is the intention of the Plan to introduce Express Services to the Mountains on the dedicated line in addition to existing Intercity services?

A further announcement in the Plan I quote page 30

Eight New platforms- each long enough to accommodate 12 car trains - between Redfern and Wynyard Trains will initially be 10 cars long with capacity for growth.

  • The Relief Line platforms will be built to accommodate 12 cars Question?
  • What platforms will have to be lengthen to allow 12 car trains on the line from Sydney CBD to Penrith and Blue Mountains?

Media Release February 21st 2010

The Premier Christina Keneally stated the construction of the new five-kilometre priority tunnel –City Relief Line- will be built from 2015 etc Two questions?

  • What is the expected completion date for the Relief Line?
  • What is expected construction date for the dedicated track to Penrith? Or
  • What is the expected construction date for the provision of the new 12 car trains if the present tracks are to be used for these express services?

Metro Transport Plan page 30 Automatic Train Protection Question

What is the expected number of services per hour with the automatic train protection installed on the rail system?

Note the present system is engineered for 20 services per hour.

In relation to the physical structure of the rail system has the NSW Government factored in the requirement to ensure the 1500 volt D.C that enables the 12 cars to operate at higher speeds if so when will the construction commence as it will be required from Penrith to the Sydney CBD?

Better Transport & Liveable Cities. Page 12

There is some confusion in the documents that have been circulated in this paper we are informed the purchase of carriages costing $3.1 billion these are in addition to the 626 Waratahs and OSCARs on order

Will you please clarify if these trains are for Penrith – Richmond Services only or does it include Blue Mountains Services as the media release indicated “the new express services will be introduced for the Blue Mountains – Penrith – Richmond services?

Intercity Blue Mountains Central - Lithgow.

The media release indicates a dedicated track for fast express service and the other papers indicate service to the Blue Mountains clarification would be appreciated

Will the Present Intercity Fleet from Lithgow use the new dedicated rail track?

In this case I am assuming the present InterCity be in use I have not seen any reference to replacement of these cars?

Present Rail Services.

The State Plan indicates construction will not commence before 2015 the Association is requesting Regional Transport Services to overcome crowding etc,

Be introduced from Olympic Park Granville or Cumberland Line

Note: I have not finalised this report as the By Election for the seat of Penrith has interrupted my report also in parallel with this RailCorp has released their Corporate Plan for 2010 – 2015 which I feel we should compare the Corporate Plan to the State Plan.

What is making this report difficult is the State Plan comprises the following papers there is information in all of them that need clarification

  • Metropolitan Transport Plan.
  • Metropolitan Energy Review towards 2036
  • NSW State Plan 2009
  • Bike Plan still to be reviewed by the Association.
  • Freight Plan waiting release

More later Paul Trevaskis Hon Sect