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A World Heritage nominee, the City of the Blue Mountains is situated within the Blue Mountains National Park, less than 2 hours by road or rail from the City of Sydney, Australia. We adjoin the Kanangra Boyd, Wollemi and Gardens of Stone National Parks, plus the catchment reserve for Sydney's major water storage, Lake Burragorang.

The Blue Mountains is obviously an environmentally sensitive area, with the competing demands of tourists, local residents, and the ecology. It is hoped that the Blue Mountains Plaza Green Pages will assist in achieving sustainable development whilst protecting the ecology.

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Katoomba Falls are located between the Three Sisters and the Scenic Railway, on the edge of the Jamison Valley, at Katoomba. Bushwalkers may view the falls by descending Furber Steps, then either climbing back out or riding the Scenic Railway to the top. The less energetic will find that it is a short and easy walk from the base of the railway to the base of the falls.

Various other walks start from the base of the Scenic Railway, and there are other staircases into the valley.

Katoomba Falls Katoomba Falls
Photographed from the base, with 200mm lens, by D. Martin

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  • AAA water saving appliances and fittings
  • Biodegradable, recyclable and recycled materials, and products made from them
  • Devices and technologies proven to benefit the environment
  • EPA Energy Star approved computers and peripherals
  • Five Star energy saving appliances
  • Thermal insulation

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Australia is the driest continent on Earth, after Antarctica. (Whilst covered in ice, the Antarctic receives very little precipitation). Whilst Sydney has been laughing since the completion of Warragamba Dam almost 40 years ago, our population is growing. If we don't want to dam the Grose or Colo Rivers, we must learn to conserve water.

At the other end of the cycle is what goes back into our creeks and rivers. It is a brave person who drinks untreated Blue Mountains creek water, and swimming in the Nepean River is not recommended, either. We need to clean up our act!

Power and Heat

Most of Australia's power comes from burning something, either in the home (eg. wood or gas), or in a power station (coal). All of these have a negative impact on the environment.
(Other sources include hydro-electricity, and to a much lesser extent wind and solar energy.)
By reducing our energy consumption, we not only help the environment, but also save on fuel bills.

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