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Hyperlink to your Web site. Includes name (up to 50 characters), and description (up to 255 characters), in Info Blue Mountains  Business Directory. Listings are alphabetical.
Free in return for reciprocal link, $25 per year with no reciprocal link.

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A link from your Web site to Info Blue Mountains is required, or an additional fee is payable.
Any page with a link to Info Blue Mountains will be found by Blue Mountains Find-It, irrespective of your web domain, so it is usually best to place the link on your home page.

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Links on all relevant pages in Info. New pages added to Info, if relevant, also provided with links to your site.

Includes name (up to 80 characters*), and description (up to 510 characters*), in the category of your choice. Listings are alphabetical.
* Some pages have lower limits.

$60.00 per year. $85 if no reciprical link is provided. Graphics, if required, by quotation.


Links from LocalDirect Blue Mountains / Penrith / Hawkesbury directories.
Add $30 for one directory, $48 for any two directories, $56 for all three directories per year, plus once-off registration fee of $20.

Discounted Rate for Info Blue Mountains existing & new clients. Normally $52, $70 or $85 per annum.


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Your GIF or JPG file, maximum 10Kb, displayed adjacent to your name & description.
Add $12.00 per year, per link, per 5Kb or part thereof.

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Info Blue Mountains sometimes establishes Complimentary Links in order to build our site, thus providing a better service to Web users.

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A reciprocal link back to Info Blue Mountains is requested -- we help you, you help us.

Naturally, you have the right to direct us to remove the link to your site.

By paying for the link to your site, you gain considerable control over it, and can take advantage of a variety of options. You are also helping to support this community service.


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