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The low, poorly ventilated tunnel on Lapstone Hill caused severe passenger and crew discomfort, with locomotives sometimes stalling on the steep grade & having to reverse out of the stifling tunnel. In one instance, ".....passengers had to spend nearly an hour admiring the beauties of the interior of Glenbrook tunnel. Whilst traversing the tunnel the train stopped, & not until divided in two sections could progress be made. The stoppage is said to be due to the lack of sufficient head of steam." (The Nepean Times, 12/9/1912) With further increases in traffic necessitating duplication of the line, a new route was planned.

Following the opening of the Lithgow Zig Zag deviation, the men & machines were moved to Glenbrook  In 1911, the present line through Glenbrook Gorge was opened. The grade was reduced to 1 in 60, a new brick viaduct constructed over Knapsack Gully, and Glenbrook Station re-located. This route remains in use to the present day.


Steam train climbs Glenbrook gorge, Blue Mountains. First train through Glenbrook Gorge, in 1911. Note the second locomotive assisting the climb. Locomotives are believed to be Beyer Peacock P-6 Class 4-6-0, later re-classified 32 class. Today, such a view would be obscured by trees, undergrowth and overhead power cables. Electrification was bad news for photographers!

Glenbrook Gorge is now part of the World Heritage listed national park. Travellers to the Blue Mountains are advised to sit on the left side of the carriage, in the upstairs compartment, for the best views.


Electric & steam train services.....
Photo: Harry Phillips
Courtesy BMCL


A Tangara interurban electric train climbs Glenbrook Gorge.

Photo D. Martin

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