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3 Sisters, Blue Mountains, Australia.
Gateway to the Blue Mountains
163m 535ft, 1:03 from Sydney, 39min from Parramatta

Blue Mountains Australia Tourist Information

After climbing the eastern escarpment, the traveller arrives in Glenbrook. Here you will find a tourist information centre, national park visitor's centre, and a variety of bushwalking (hiking) opportunities. Map...

Swimming in Jellybean Pool, a rock-pool in Glenbrook Gorge, is popular in summer. There is also an olympic pool. Views of the Nepean River and Glenbrook Gorge are available from several lookouts both within & outside the national park.

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Station Master's cottage at Glenbrook.
Made from local sandstone, it has the high iron roof and veranda typical of rural architecture of the day.
Used for many years as a service station, it was restored with the building of the new Ampol outlet.
The railway station was on the north side of the highway, opposite the tourist information centre. A short distance east, the old railway tunnel, now a mushroom farm, passes under the highway.
Station Masters Cottage, Glenbrook
Lapstone Hill has been the site of numerous road & railway routes up the escarpment. Relics of bygone eras include Lennox Bridge (c1833), Knapsack Viaduct & Lapstone Zig Zag (c1865), Old Glenbrook Tunnel (1892),  & more. 
Take a walk & explore our history.
Lennox Bridge 
Knapsack Viaduct 
Lapstone Zig Zag 
Old Railway Tunnel 
Glenbrook Gorge 
Glenbrook Park, between the highway & village shops, offers a well stocked tourist information centre, children's playground, electric barbeques & picnic tables. It has been refurbished for the Olympic Torch Relay celebrations. Glenbrook Park entrance, Blue Mountains
A wild wallaby  soaks up the winter sun at Euroka Clearing picnic & camping area, in the national park. These members of the kangaroo family are plentiful at Euroka, & accustomed to human visitors.

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Wallaby, Glenbrook, Blue Mountains


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