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233m 764ft
1:08 fr. Sydney, 44min. fr. Parramatta

Blaxland is the site of a land grant to Barney Levett in August 1830. Levett received a grant of 640 acres (259 ha) in the Blue Mountains. In 1835 he received 320 acres (130 ha) more in the Blue Mountains; he called the mountain grant Mount Sion, and on it the Pilgrim Inn (Blaxland) was built. The ruins of the Pilgrim Inn can be found in the McDonald's car park. (This is the only McDonald's in the Blue Mountains.)

From Glenbrook to Blaxland, the current Great Western Highway follows the original route of the railway. Until the highway was widened to four lanes in the 1980s, the cutting and overbridge was typical railway construction.

The original single line pretty much followed the
present Great Western Highway from Glenbrook through to Blaxland Station. When the Glenbrook Gorge deviation was started, it was just going to be for ascending trains, with provision allowed for future double tracking.

This new deviation crosses under the highway at Blaxland before curving around to the west to meet Blaxland. Because this would have interfered
with the existing line, a new section was put into use between Blaxland and Blaxland Junction (pretty much at the end of Murphy
Street). It then curved around a new deviation alongside Grahame Street before meeting the single line. This was opened on Jan 15 1913.

Construction of the main deviation continued, and was opened for ascending trains on 11 May 1913. At this point Blaxland Junction became a true junction where up (Sydney bound) and down (west bound) trains diverged.

During construction it had been decided to lay the second set of tracks over the deviation and use the old line for descending slow goods trains. However, by the time the second set of tracks was opened on 25 Sep 1913, it was decided that there was no need to retain the old line, so it was renamed the Up Relief line.

During construction of the gentler gradients a temporary connection was built following Grahame St Blaxland to Blaxland Junction (opened 11-May-1913 and closed 25-Sep-1913).

Wascoe Siding, a miniature railway, now operates on the site of the temporary deviation.

Blaxland received an overhaul in 2001 with widening of the highway, planting of controversial pine trees, and more recently addition of accessible access to the railway station.

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Pilgrim Inn ruins Ruins of Pilgrim Inn at Macdonalds in Blaxland

These walls in the McDonald's car park are all that remain of the Pilgrim's Inn (circa 1825-1830). It was nearby that the notable colonial policeman, Sir Frederick Pottinger, was fatally wounded in 1865.

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273m 896ft
1:12 fr. Sydney, 48min. fr. Parramatta

In 1881 a small timber railway platform was built approximately 500 metres west of the present railway station. This was meant to serve a new
Richardson & Wrench subdivision named Karabar Estate. By the end of 1897 lack of patronage led to the closure of the Karabar platform.

When the railway line was duplicated in 1902 an emergency loop and signal box was placed at Karabar but later removed during regrading work in 1913. When Arthur Rickard & Co. subdivided this area the present railway station was built (1918) and took its name from the subdivision - Warrimoo, an Aboriginal word (not local) meaning "eagle".

Source: John Low
Local Studies Librarian
Blue Mountains City Library
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