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Woodford - Hazelbrook
3 Sisters, Blue Mountains, Australia.

Heart of the Mountains


607m 1992ft
1:28 fr. Sydney, 1:06min. fr. Parramatta

Chris Parr got the idea of face-lifting a railway station whilst travelling to & from work. His opportunity came in 1996, when he was appointed Station Manager at Woodford. 

He set about digging up the weed-infested garden beds, & soon local residents were donating cuttings & seedlings. Working with a near-zero budget, he has transformed Woodford into what the locals claim is the best looking station in the Mountains. It also offers a first-class view over the Grose Valley to Mt Tomah.



Rock Climbing

3801 pounds through Woodford 3801 pounds through Woodford Railway Station.

Photo: 2000 Christopher Parr

Woodford Station just after sunset.

Photo: 2000 Christopher Parr

Woodford station after sunset


Bull's Camp
Historic roadside rest area, site of Capt. Bull's convict road construction camp.
Mountain Bike Riders 
Alight here for The Oaks (Woodford - Glenbrook) fire trail. [NPWS info]
Woodford Academy
Oldest building in the Blue Mountains, National Trust property.


607m 1992ft
1:39 fr. Sydney, 1:14min. fr. Parramatta

The town was named after Hazelbrook House, built in the 1870s by Bronte Noelle. The name Hazelbrook was adopted in 1884 when the railway station was opened opposite the home. Hazelbrook House no longer exists but Selwood House is a heritage-listed building in the nearby vicinity and now houses a science museum. Other attractions in the area include Terrace Falls, Victor Falls and Bedford Pool on the south side of the village, plus Lyre Bird Glen, Oaklands Falls and Burgess Falls on the north side. Source: Wikipedia



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