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Lawson - Bullaburra
3 Sisters, Blue Mountains, Australia.
The Blue Mountain — Blue Skies

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732m, 2403ft
1:37 fr. Sydney, 1:14 fr Parramatta.

Originally named Christmas Swamp, the railway station was called Blue Mountain after the Blue Mountain Inn, then renamed Lawson to avoid confusion.

Swimmers will find an olympic pool, surrounded by parkland in a natural amphitheatre.

A large water tank, built for steam engines, has been converted into a clubhouse for the bowling club. Rail buffs can still find remnants of the freight yard.

The tower near the library belonged to a house built by Joseph Hay, which later became a sanatorium, then guesthouse, then school. It was gutted by fire in 1980.

Blue Mountain railway station Early illustration of Blue Mountain Railway Station. Originally, this was the only station between Penrith & Wentworth Falls.
Mitchell Library, scanned from Pictorial Memories Blue Mountains.



1:41 fr. Sydney, 1:18 fr Parramatta.

Opinions vary as to the meaning of the name... Twin Peaks perhaps referring to Mt. Hay and Mnt.Banks which are both visible from the town; Blue Skies or the Aboriginal translation of Clear Skies - Pleasant Weather. Whichever one you choose the name Bullaburra when used by the Aborigines was, it is said,"pronounced in a deep sonorous manner as if coming from a didgeridoo".Aboriginal relics dating back to 12000 - 5000BC have been found on Kings Tableland so Bullaburra could well be one of the oldest names in Australia still retaining its original sound.

Source: Mid Mountains Historical Society


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