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Medlow Bath
3 Sisters, Blue Mountains, Australia.
1017m 3336ft
2:00 fr. Sydney, 1:40 fr. Parramatta

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Home of the Hydro Majestic


When the young businessman, Mark Foy, returned from Europe at the turn of the century, his experience of hydropathic therapy there convinced him that it could be introduced successfully into Australia. To this end he purchased three properties at Medlow and transformed them into one enormous, rambling, luxuriously furnished complex that opened in the middle of a snow storm in 1904. His Hydropathic Sanatorium so dominated Medlow that the village soon became Medlow Bath.

Hydro Majestic Hotel, Medlow Bath – side view. c.1938
Hydro Majestic Hotel, Medlow Bath – side view. c.1938

When the popularity of hydropathic treatments eventually waned Foy astutely began emphasising the recreational side of his enterprise, converting it into a general tourist hotel that was sophisticated, expensive and very fashionable. To its patrons it became their "palace in a wilderness". Later, in the 1920s and 1930s, the hotel climbed "down market" a peg or two, moving within reach of the middle classes who flocked to the Mountains at that time.

Among the many visitors who have stayed at the Hydro are some very famous names. Bertha Von Krupps, the German munitions heiress, arrived with her grand piano; Nellie Melba and Clara Butt both sang in the Casino; while Australia's first Prime Minister, Sir Edmund Barton, died there in 1920. During World War II the hotel was occupied by United States servicemen wounded in the battlegrounds of the Pacific. Today the Hydro Majestic retains its popularity. Sprawling along the ridge at Medlow Bath it has become one of the principal images that identify the Blue Mountains in the minds of Australians.

Source: John Low, Blue Mountains City Council Librarian

On 29 May 2009, the owners announced that the Hydro Majestic is closed for renovations. [HydroMajestic website]

Hydro Majestic Hotel

Photo: Licensed under Creative Commons.

Hydromajestic Hotel



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