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3 Sisters, Blue Mountains, Australia.
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Radar: A fixed speed camera is situated between Warrimoo & Valley Heights.
Mobile radar is often located in 60km/h zones.

Valley Heights
315m 1048ft
1:13 fr. Sydney, 50min. fr. Parramatta

Following the easing of the gradients at Lapstone Hill in 1913, a locomotive depot was built here to provide assisting locomotives for the steep climb to Katoomba. Following its closure in the 1980s, the depot was restored as the Valley Heights Locomotive Depot Heritage Museum. Ride on an 1890s steam tram or the Valley Heights Mixed simulating regional branch line trains operated by Valley Heights Steam Tramway. Find out more at the Valley Heights Rail Museum website.

Light industry is located north of the highway.

Valley Heights on Wikipedia
Valley Heights station on Wikipedia article on Valley Heights

Valley Heights roundhouse ca 1950

365m 1216ft, 1:16 from Sydney, 54min from Parramatta

Featuring the oldest railway station building in the Blue Mountains, Springwood was a coal and water stop in the steam era. Some Blue Mountains trains terminate here.

Various bushwalking tracks descend to Glenbrook Creek from Springwood and Faulconbridge; swimmers can select from a natural swimming hole or the olympic pool in Buttenshaw Park. Golf, tennis, lawn bowls

There is a moderately-sized shopping centre in Macquarie Rd, professional offices, galleries & antique shops around the area, a public library with a substantial local studies archive, council offices, community hall & police station.

Springwood serves as focal point for several villages - Winmalee, Yellow Rock & Hawkesbury Heights to the northeast, Valley Heights to the east, Faulconbridge & Linden to the West.

For the 32 km Springwood to Katoomba, the ruling gradient is 1 in 33, the steepest mainline gradient in Australia. Bringing a heavy steam train down "The Hill" was a test of driver's skill, & required following a detailed plan.

Springwood station 2003

Mountain Bike Rides

  • Alight at Faulconbridge for Faulconbridge Point (via Grose Rd)
  • Alight at Woodford for Glenbrook via national  park.
  • More information...


Springwood station has a multi-level carpark with areas for motorbikes and bicycles. There is wheelchair access to the platform & 19 security cameras, with further upgrades coming. Buses operate from the Faulconbridge & Winmalee areas. The highway is 4 lanes down to the M4 motorway. Valley Heights also has a commuter carpark.

Mild Climate

Can Springwood really claim to have the world's best climate? Find out

Springwood on Wikipedia
Springwood station on Wikipedia article on Springwood



Gate Keepers Cottage, Springwood, Blue Mountains Gate Keeper's cottage at Springwood, one of four such cottages remaining in the Blue Mountains, & now privately owned.
Others are at Valley Hts, Medlow Bath & Mt Victoria.

Photo © David Martin


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