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Mt Victoria
(Heritage Village)
& Hartley Vale
3 Sisters, Blue Mountains, Australia.
The Western Edge

Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia

Mount Victoria
1044m / 3424ft, 2:16 from Sydney, 1:53 from Parramatta
Many Heritage Listed Buildings & other sites.

Mt Victoria received it's steam driven kick-start in 1868, becoming the rail terminus until 1869. Later, it would be the location of a Railway Refreshment Room (RRR) where travellers could gulp down some hot food before continuing their journey.

Today, many of the village's buildings are heritage listed, with the village retaining much of its nineteenth century charm; more so than any other Blue Mountains village. At the railway station, the local Historical Society's museum takes up much of the indoor part, whilst on the east-bound platform, some of the old semaphore signals have been set up for visitors to operate.

Within an easy stroll of the station, visitors will find  antique shops, galleries, cafés & restaurants, & accommodation.

Mount Victoria offers a variety of bushwalking and rock climbing opportunities, including the historic early roads down the escarpment from Mt York. Closer to the village, Mt Piddington is the start of several bushwalking tracks. Rock climbing is popular around Mt Piddington & Mt York. 

Mt Vic Great Train Weekend
Victoria & Albert Guesthouse, Veranda Cafe, Heritage Restaurant, Weddings, Conferences

Trains, Planes & Automobiles - Fine antique toys.

Cedar Lodge Cabins
»Cedar Lodge Cabins 
Trains Planes & Automobiles 
»Victoria & Albert, The 

Rock Climbing

Kanimbla Valley

Photo: Kanimbla Valley from Pulpit Rock, at the end of Kanimbla Valley Road.
Having reached Mt Victoria, road and railway builders alike started searching for a way down the western escarpment. Numerous routes have been employed & proposed over the years. Having followed the road up the Blue Mountains, the railway now heads north, following Darling Causeway across the head of the Grose River gorge.

For many years, the Caves Express brought tourists to Mt Victoria, from where they travelled by road coach to Jenolan Caves.

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Station St Mt Vic
Station Street. On the left, with 4 chimneys, The Bank Building, c1885, now houses  shops. The Victoria & Albert  is straight ahead.
Sunday Market
Monthly Sunday market in Imperial Park. The park is lit by gaslamps.
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Mt Victoria on Wikipedia
Mt Victoria station on Wikipedia article on Mt Victoria station

Hartley Vale
1012m / 3320ft.

Now abandoned, Hartley Station is located on the Darling Causeway high above the ghost town which it served. This was the location of a goods siding, from where a private railway, including a cable incline, descended to the shale mines and processing plant in Hartley Vale. »Comet Inn & Restaurant


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